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Team Building

Our services include:


  • Team Building

Relevant for any team at any level of your organisation. We have helped senior management teams, professional teams, multi-disciplinary teams, support services & project teams.


  • Individual Team Role Development

Using psychometric testing and Belbin profiling, we can identify individual strengths, reasons for unproductive working relationships and the causes of underperformance in teams.

Our excellent facilitation skills allow us to communicate our findings in a safe, productive way, whilst maintaining and enhancing self-esteem. Individuals then have a better understanding of themselves and others. We help teams and their members to grow and develop to benefit themselves and the organisation.


  • Leading Effective Teams

Our expertise in Management Development and Leadership allows us to train, coach and develop in your leaders the essential skills and knowledge they need to be effective. We will show them the tools and techniques that they can use to ensure they are recruiting, developing and retaining the best teams possible.


  • Building Partnerships

We will help pairs of individuals to work more effectively with one another, especially where there have been difficulties. Equally, we can help different teams to work better with each other, either within the organisation or outside.


All of these approaches will have measurable outcomes for the individual, the team and the organisation. We are confident that you will be able to identify best value from using our services.


What we do


At Liaison Consulting we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Effective team working is essential to your success and to delivering an excellent service to your clients. For this reason, we provide our wide range of services and training events, so you can get the most out of your teams.


All our programmes are individually designed to meet your needs. Our approach is as follows:


  • Initial consultation to identify your requirements
  • Proposal made to you with clearly defined aims, objectives and responsibilities of ourselves and you
  • Programme prepared for your approval
  • Delivery of your programme by highly skilled, experienced and professional consultants
  • Evaluation if required

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